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Photo by Marlon Lara on Unsplash

An ode to my love:

Oh, how I crave you.

I am addicted to our relationship.

You make my day somehow easier, and brighter.

You are complicated, yet so easy.


Your warmth, your scent, the sounds you make.

I yearn for you in bed,

I fantasize about you on the kitchen counter,

The table,

The sofa,

Outside, under the sunshine,


Longing for you...

In the morning, as I open my eyes.

During peaceful moments in the afternoon,

When my work day is done,

I need to feel you pour through me.

You came into my life, imported only for me, or so it seems.

I envy those who have you, when I cannot.


I can change you, strengthen you, weaken you…dilute you.

You are a treat, when I give you a little alcohol,

To take the edge off.

I like you when you aren’t sweet, but embrace me- bold and powerful.

Your beauty is within your darkness.

My hands beg to hold you, and feel your energy.

My mouth groans, as it waits for your tantalizing, hot flavor.

You make my lips happy.


I become impatient, as you make your presence known.

You make me a better person, and I thank you for this.

Every damn day.

Without the feeling of you inside me, I feel tired.

There are moments when I stare into space, forgetting your presence.

Until I look beside me, and there you are, waiting for me.

You beckon me with your strong aroma.

You energize my soul as you fill me from inside.


Some days you look fancy, and attractive,

but to me, there is calm and peace in your original form.

I embrace the rawness of your virility.

Don’t ever change.


If I am not careful you can burn me,

as you find your way through my body.

Some days, like me, you are bitter and cold.

I am unable to devour you at night, for fear I won’t sleep.

I want you, right now.

I savor our time together, and am sad when it’s over,

Until I feel you again.

Hot, strong, and dark.

You are black gold.

You are coffee.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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