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Words are an anomaly…

Words are HUMAN and words are POWER

Words communicate but no words spoken

Can mean so much more.

Words are gravity. They are air, they are evil

A single word can make or break you as a person; No. Yes. Don’t, Do

If you ponder how our world revolves around the sun,

Its not money that drives it, nor is it love. Its WORDS

Words can start a war, or a romance. They can make a friend or an enemy

Words are culture. They are hatred, they are shame, they are forgiveness

Words attached to heart and soul are a part of breathing and life

Words attached to anger and passion can drive you to insanity.

Words can be malicious or kind. They can be cruel or as tender as a first kiss

Words can be of approval or distaste. They are part of every race.

Words are promises or broken hearts. They make deals and they can tear people apart.

Words can be legal, or a lie. They can save you but they are also the final sound that your dying body makes.

Words are art. They are graffiti. They are poetry. They are stories.They are music.

They bring people together.

Words are texts and emails and tweets and Tinder.

Words are complaints. They are compliments. They are kudos

They are greetings and they are goodbyes. Then can make you laugh out loud or cry

They are letters that combine to make us all communicate.

They are sign language. They are braille. They are talking, they are mail.

They are phone calls late at night. They are shouted during a fight.

They are triggers, they are codes. They are justice. They are trials.

They are cusses. They are prayers. They are questions. They are answers

One word can mean so much ; many words can be ever empowering.

Some people say too many, some not enough.

Some keep them under their breath, some shout them out loud.

Words have as much power as we choose to give them.

In the end, no one has control over the words others utter.

We can share them through writing or keep them to ourselves.

They can cleanse us or make us fester like an angry cyst.

They control our emotions, our hearts and our brain.

They attach to your memory, your struggles and pain

Words can help you think. They can help you grow.

They can help you flourish or they can shut you down.

They can have meaning or nonsense.

They are names and labels and colors and ideals.


Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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