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My partner recently received the entire boxed set of the Jack Reacher (Lee Child) series as well as a really cool book about the origin of his favorite hockey team (Montreal Canadiens). He hasn’t even opened them!

He likes to tell everyone we know that “Christina is such a talented writer”, however, he has NEVER read any of my work. Its both frustrating and strange to me…

Reading is something that has always been a huge part of my life. Even while I was pregnant, I read stories to my unborn daughter. I read to her the first week of her life and all through her childhood. She was reading chapter books before kindergarten and was an honor student all through her school years. She also graduated from University with a Psych degree, and I KNOW that much of her intelligence came from her exposure to books.

My partner is very intelliegent, even without being “book smart”, I have to admit. He is ridiculously smart with money and numbers and with anything mechanical. But, he never reads…Not instructions, not books, not Newspapers…NOTHING. Its very bizarre…and its a major comonent of our relationship that we do not have in common.

So, as writers, how do we just “accept” that our creative thoughts, pieces of literature and hard work go UNREAD by the person you share your life with?

Maybe it is a blessing because I can literally write anything about relationships, men, and other controversial topics that he may frown upon. However, it would be super great to have him read and offer any kind of feedback on the work I do. After all, this is the work I love to do and it takes my “off time” away from my regular job, and takes time from him. It would make me crazy knowing that he is writing and not knowing what his articles or blogs are about.

I am on chapter 10 of a book I am writing for one of his friends, and I honestly hoped he would show interest in the hard work I am putting into it. he knows his friend’s story and finds it very compelling, but he has ZERO interest in reading it in words. Is that odd? Or is it just me? He is the first person that I have ever dated or hung out with, that JUST DOESN’T read.


He has told me numerous times that as soon as he reads a page into a book, he falls asleep. I get that, as this has happened to me before as well…but EVERY single time? I think not, my friend.

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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