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When F**KED Up People Play “GOD”

Late April, there were more senseless ,multiple murders in Toronto. People were simply walking down the street at lunch time, dressed in business attire, suits, sundresses and enjoying the weather. They had woken that morning, showered, brushed their teeth, had breakfast, kissed their loved ones goodbye and wished them a nice day. They went about their day at work in a downtown core. As they strolled down the street a rented van came out of nowhere and mowed them down like they were insects.

Last year it was Vegas, Manchester and multiple cities across the US. This doesn’t even begin to touch on what’s happening in all the other war torn countries where suicide bombers are a “natural” occurrence. And lets not forget the Boston Marathon killings a few years back, and all the school shootings that occur almost annually. It makes me sick and it makes me terrified to let my daughter, (who is an adult) travel or go out of her comfort zone.

“The most loving parents and relatives commit murder with smiles on their faces. They force us to destroy the person we really are: a subtle kind of murder.”
Jim Morrison

The Elephant in the Room

So, these seem to be the questions that you NEVER hear interviewers ask of mass murderers or psycho paths who torture and murder individual people. I have never heard a judge directly ask the deep rooted questions, or even the lawyers for that matter.



You KNOW everyone wants to know the reason behind these savage human beings snuffing out innocent lives, but NO ONE asks the real questions. Legal defense or opposition may ask a “Why?” question during the ensuing trials but its NOT the right questions?

The right questions are:

~ Why are you so Fucked up?

~ What makes you think that YOU deserve to live, but someone’s mom or dad, children or even grandparent loses the right to live at your hands?

~ Who the fuck do you think you are? God?

~ Do you understand that you have destroyed the lives of multiple people, whether they are dead or alive?

~ Why are other lives less valuable than yours?

~ How can you be still alive after doing something that is so utterly repugnant, selfish, hateful and disgusting to fellow human beings?

~ What happened to you, in order to make you believe that you can take people off of our earth while you sit there living, breathing, and with a heartbeat?

~ What the hell is wrong with your brain and your heart?

~ Do you understand what human life ACTUALLY means?

~ Do you think you are above the human race and that you can just take some’s life without a second thought?

~ What kind of RAGE does it take to drive a van through a street full of people, or to fire a gun at multiple people, or to bomb innocent bystanders and athletes at a world renowned event?

~ Do you think YOU deserve to live after what you have done?

~ What goes through your mind as you are killing a fellow human body? Do you have feelings or does your rage mess you up so bad that you don’t feel compassion?

~ Do images of your victims live inside your head after your murder them or do you just move on and forget them?

~ Did you grow up on violent video games or around abusive people?

~ What is the trigger in your head that says “its ok to murder people?”

~ Do you smile after you fulfill your sadistic mission or do you go back to your bed and cry yourself to sleep?

~ Were you high or drunk when you killed?

~ Do you think you will become famous for committing such heinous crimes?

~ Does your “Religion” tell you its perfectly acceptable to take the lives of others?

What if their response to these questions is simply “I don’t know”, or “because I felt like it”. Is it possible that our world is now full of unsuspected maniacs that loiter around, waiting to pounce on their victims, and they “don’t know why”? Its absurd to think of how many people make conscious decisions to plan mass murder. The shooter in Vegas had been planning his killing spree for months. The Boston Marathon bombers carefully planned their attack without a second thought of how many people would die, be seriously injured or mourn losses. I simply cannot wrap my head around it.

I don’t believe I could ever look a murderer or psychopath directly in the eye, as I am too much of an Empath. If I felt any of their remorse (if they had any) it would probably cause me to commit suicide. Conversely, if I didn’t feel their remorse or regret, I would want to kill them myself just to avenge the victims.

It would be a double edged sword to be a Professional Profiler for sadistic people. You would want to know what the hell goes on in their head, but at the same time, it would be hauntingly terrifying to actual KNOW what they think about. I can barely kill a spider without thinking of the potential that it may have babies in its web, at home. I could not imagine how anyone in this world can make a sane decision to completely eliminate people around them, just because they CHOOSE to.

Don’t even get me started on the abusers of children, or fuckers who torture animals….that’s for another dreary day when I am not still angry about the unfairness of the Toronto victims. It seems our society is still recovering from one great tragedy that is all over the news and then another one hits the world.

I just wish fucked up people would get help with whatever is going on in their short circuited brain wires and not feel the need to play God. The craziness and unfairness of our society is the reason that I struggle in believing that there is some higher power that is there to “protect and guide us”. In this world, it feels like psychopaths and suicide bombers make all the decisions and we are all just pawns in their twisted, demented game

“Oh, no. It costs a lot more than your life. To murder innocent people?” says Peeta. “It costs everything you are.”
Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay

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