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What Are your Quick Wins?

It is January 31, 2019. This month has been a long one.

At our office, we have these large, excruciating, meetings every month, and my manager always tries to end the lengthy session with “Quick Wins”. By ending on a positive note, we all go away feeling more “okay” about taking 4 hours out of our week, to meet.


Let’s hear your Quick Wins for the first month of this year. Ten valuable/happy/positive/ bright things that have happened in your world since the new year began:

Here are mine:

  1. My daughter, her boyfriend and my “grandkitty” came for a long weekend visit.
  2. I was published in my favorite publications a few times- Publishous, The Startup and Writer’s Guild
  3. Michelle Monet asked me to help her with her new publication -Women Writing Memoirs and listed me as an Editor (Sorry I am not a lot of help, but I am always just a message away)
  4. I earned a bit of money on Medium-more than I have in a month so far.
  5. The weather here has been amazingly warm (Calgary, Alberta)
  6. I managed to stay on top of my workload and write
  7. New people have joined our Facebook community , which is amazing by the way- (You should join)
  8. I have been enjoying my time alone, and with my man, even though it has been quiet and uneventful
  9. I have been working out again, when I can.
  10. Stephen Moore called one of my stories “BRILLIANT”. That was a huge win for me :)

I know that January can be a rough month for some, and it historically has been for me, as well. Part of my “Resolution” this year is to always find the positive, no matter how hard it can be, in any situation.

It has helped tremendously to get me out of my Winter blues.

I know the “40 things” prompt is going around like wild fire right now, and that is amazing! I did my own:

So, now it’s time to dig deep and FIND the things that we can all help you to celebrate! It doesn’t matter how silly or trivial you think it may be, if it’s a win for you, it’s worth embracing and celebrating! Let’s end this month on a note of HAPPY!


Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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