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Some think he’s mental, others think he’s kind.

I have my own opinion, I have my own mind

I’m a proud Canadian and we have our own shit,

Our politics are similar, and we put up with it.

Trump speaks his thoughts out loud, they’re very “off the cuff”,

Trump does what he believes in, even if its not enough.

His scowl, his skin, his attitude, his crazy messed up hair,

He says and does what he feels like, without a fucking care

As an outsider watching him, as he flails around his arms

He’s like an angry ogre, without charisma, class or charm.

Our leader is Trudeau, and although he’s really pretty,

The way he rules our country is nothing less than shitty

Politicians have one goal in mind, and they are so transparent,

They want to change the world but their arrogance is apparent.

Both countries could have it worse, we could be Communist

It doesn’t help to sit and complain, or feel forever pissed.

When Trump won the election, in the year 2016,

It was odd to watch The Apprentice win, he’s always been so mean.

They say he’s a misogynist, he’s racist, he’s an ass,

Celebrities come and go in the world, and this one too, shall pass.

We will see how things work out in America, and what damage he will do,

In the meantime, brace yourselves my friends, his platform is coming true.

At least you have a leader who strives to stand by his word,

Our Mr. Trudeau does nothing for us. Our concerns are never heard.

Politicians -slash- celebrities, are millionaires who lead the pack.

Make a mockery of our freedoms and rights and we will never get them back.

Its best to just sit back and watch the news on your TV,

Don’t get invested or involved, cause what will be, will be.

Americans who dislike his ways watch as he grows old and tired,

Look forward to his end of term, and your turn to say, “You’re Fired”

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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