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To what end, do we complain?

We see the past with offense and disdain.

Our heritage erased in social conviction.

No learning has stemmed through past reflection.

Movements to change the values of parents,

While depression and anxiety become transparent.

To what end are we hoping to reach?


To what end, do we express hate?

What will become of our fate?

We cast judgements of past generations.

Just to draw our own reservations.

No lessons are learned, they are just swept away,

While opinions are shared on our phones every day,

To what end are we hoping to meet?


To what end, do we feel offended?

All of the problems of the past haven’t ended.

Racism, sexism and bigotry are very real,

It is not just past eras, the tragedies we feel.

Embrace what we’ve learned and keep the lessons held close,

You never know when you will need them the most.

To what end will sensitivity take us?


To what end, do we feel entitled?

When our freedom of speech is unbridled.

We can say what we want, without causing a stir,

Feelings are expressed, even when we aren’t sure.

We jump on bandwagons and rally together,

In hopes that our world will somehow be better,

To what end, will entitlement prepare us?


To what end will our culture be driven?

As our world just becomes more unforgiving.

Pointed fingers at the past, and embrace of the present,

While the world struggles with it’s lack of consent,

To be offended is the trend, while we try to move forward,

History can’t reach us, they don’t want it heard.

To what end, will our lives move on?


In the end, will we be the destruction?

Of our world as we know it, and its construction?

It has become so virtual and we have become blind.

Common sense and ambition, becoming difficult to find.

Generations of now and the future unfold,

While they post and share all of the lies they are told.

In the end will humans be the reason?

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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