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I made the wrong decision,

It made you walk away

We couldn’t make it work,

You didn’t want to stay

You moved on, left me behind

And you found somebody new

I had two choices I had to make

And didn’t know what to do

I’ve settled in my pretty life

And you have too, in yours,

You have completely shut me out

You have locked all your doors

I have to be okay now,

And although you’ll never know

The hardest thing I’ve ever done,

Is learn how to let go

We made so many memories,

A future we had planned

But the cards were shuffled too many times,

We were dealt a lousy hand

I will always have you in my heart,

And in my saddened soul

You were my world way back then,

You made this person whole

But I made the choice to let you go,

And allow you to be free

It wasn’t you that ended us,

This is all on me.

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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