This one made me have “feels”. My daughter’s best friend from kindergarten was a boy and the two of them asked me all the time if they could have sleep overs. I allowed it until they were in grade two. I don’t know what made me think that was the appropriate age, but it was a rule I made myself. After grade two, they were STILL best friends and asked regularly, to the point where they made deals with me (he can sleep on the couch…..Pleeeeaaaaasssee mom!!) and I obliged. The strange thing is, they have been best friends since they were just under 5. They have attended EVERY birthday of each other’s since they have met. They graduated high school and celebrated together, and to this day still talk regularly. (They are both 25 years old now). One time they “tried” to take it to the next level after a drunken Christmas party and ended up laughing hysterically at each other. Some kids can do it and some can’t. I guess it’s finding the right age to set boundaries and let them make some decisions along the way. Parenting is fucking hard, and I only had one child which had its challenges. I am just lucky that she is now a University grad who makes all of her own decisions of who has sleep overs with her.

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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