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Photo by Huy Phan on Unsplash

Click Yes, Swipe Right

“wanna hook up?”

“;) yea, I might”

You wonder if his profile is true, And what he really thinks of you.

“where do you wanna meet?”’

“in the bar across the street”

You search his name on the internet,

But you’re not sure if you are ready yet.

You feel it in your bones, It doesn’t seem real,

The chats, the pics, the memes, the whole damn deal.

Is he the one? You won’t know ’til you see,

He waits at his keyboard until you agree.

You meet for a date, you sip your drink .

You check your phone, you try and think.

A hookup on his mind, but not on yours,

You scope the bar for Exit doors…

Is this the future of our voice? Letting handheld devices make our choice?

You wish it was easier to find your Match, but this is our world now,

……There’s no going back.

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