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Erda Estramerra-On Unsplash

As a river runs and trickles, so do the years go by,

As a creek will flood when it rains, a drought makes it go dry

Living is as liquid seeps, with its ebbs, currents and flows

In the blink of an eye, before you know it, another year goes.

The movement of water is a ripple, splash or a cascade.

As time goes passing by, all of our memories will fade.

If you sit and watch a river, ever changing, every season

It’s much like our lives, adaptation is the reason.

As an ocean tide builds up and the waves begin to rip

As do the challenges in our world, as our lives begin to flip.

But somewhere in our future, there’s the calmness of a lake

Embrace the smooth warm moments and enjoy for your own sake.

Currents and waves, ripples and trickles, are all a part of living

Keep what you need, learn from it, and offer what’s worth giving.

Take time to enjoy the sound and touch of a fresh cleansing rain

Let turmoil, stress, pain and sorrows form twisters down the drain.

Prepare for the drought, heed the flood and everything in between

Leave the dirty water behind you, it’s been what it has been.

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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