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Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

Not quite blue, nor are they green.

Like the murky ocean waters.

They captured me from our first glance,

And have let me in, ever since.


They are the windows to your soul,

And they touch mine, so deeply.

I see every mood, every feeling.

Without looking at your heart.


A flash of steel when you are angry,

Rays of sunshine when you smile.

Warmth that can melt ice,

A gaze of yearning, from across the room.


Through your eyes, I see forever

I see you aging, as am I.

Clouded over through time,

Yet I can still you, through your lenses.


I know what you are telling me,

As you search me in a crowd.

Your gaze says all of your words, unspoken,

A language of our own.


With a glance, you empower me,

Or shatter my mood, for a moment in time.

I see myself beneath the thick lashes,

Of your tender eyes.


The warmth of your smile

Shines through me.

The love that radiates as mirrors.

You tenderize my anxious heart.


Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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