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Summer Camps and Vacations Are Around The Corner….Do These Things to Keep Your Children Safe!

With the heat and fun of summer time arriving, school is out and children start summer programs at Daycare, School Aged Care and amazing summer day camps. These are so much fun and create such wonderful memories for the kiddos. They get to go on field trips to swimming pools, corn mazes, public parks, possibly the zoo, and a myriad of other great group activities that are off the safe premises of the building they attend.

  1. Have the ability to communicate with the program, even while they are on field trips, (i.e text message, email, phone call etc) . You never know if your child’s bus or other mode of transport is behind due to traffic, or if you will be late to pick your child up. Always make sure you have an Emergency Contact for your child in case the program cannot contact you. Make sure the Emergency Contact has a Name, Phone number, Address and relationship to child. Also, MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD KNOWS THE CONTACT. If you send your neighbor to pick up your child and the child has no idea they are “allowed” to go home with them, it will cause undo stress and confusion for the child.
  2. This one is also VERY IMPORTANT. If you know your child is going offsite with a group of other children, TAKE A PHOTO OF YOUR CHILD BEFORE HE/SHE LEAVES for the program that morning. If anything, God forbid, were to happen and your child goes missing, you now have an identifying photo of what they are wearing, how their hair is done, and what they look like while on their field trip. Text the photo to your child’s daycare staff “just in case”. If you KNOW your child has a tendancy to walk off and wander, or run away because of anxiety to situations that are new, or even from embarrassment, you now have a photo of who to look for and what they were wearing.( You also have a new photo of your child, as a bonus, to share in their memory book later).
  3. If your child has allergies or needs emergency medications for other health issues, ALWAYS double check with the program staff to ensure they KNOW what the child requires the medication for, how often, what dosage, and what to do in the event of an emergency. Have an open and honest dialogue with the program staff and make sure more than 1 adult knows all of the health concerns of your child. (Epipens for example. Make sure the staff know how to operate it, unless your child can do it themself)
  4. Do NOT accept a “blanket form” for Field trip and/or Transportation permission. Often times, childcare staff will post a form on the wall, with brief information about their activities for the week and they ask you to “sign up” for what your child will be attending. Ask for a separate field trip consent form for ONLY Your child. It should have the following information on it and if it doesn’t, ask them:
  • Method of Transportation-bus, van etc. Are any staff taking their own vehicles in case of emergency?
  • Supervision Plan (how many staff , what their qualifications are and how many children. Are there both female and male adults attending)
  • A space to fill in health information such as allergies, diabetes/ epilepsy information etc. and what needs to be done in the event of a health concern while off premise
  • Address of where they are going and name of place
  • Program staff should give you contact phone numbers while offsite (cell phone numbers for staff) and/ or phone number of location in case of emergencies of the parent
  • Information for nearest Hospital or Urgent Care in case of any emergency where your child may be taken.
  • A space for your signature, that is consent for your child to attend the activity
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