How Your Silence Fuels the Fire of Anxiety

Anxiety can burn inside you until you learn to snuff it by doing one thing.

What happens when you stay silent?

> Your mind plays tricks on you. You “think” you know what your man, or boss or friend is thinking. But unless you have the courage to ask them, you REALLY don’t know. You think the worst and come up with all kinds of reasons why the other person has said mean things to you.

  • He isn’t attracted to me anymore. I am old and getting wrinkles. I try and look good for him, and he just doesn’t care.
  • Oh, I bet he’s having an affair.
  • He thinks I am annoying and I feel like I am in his way.
  • Clearly, it’s not worth making the effort for him/her anymore. Why should I even try?
  • I work so hard and it is never acknowledged. I wonder if they will fire me for my errors?
  • Why do I even bother to put myself out there, when it’s not reciprocated? I knew he/she didn’t like me. Maybe I should just quit/leave.
  • Maybe I should be more like ______. I bet she would make him/her happier than I can.

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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