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Writers are their own best friends and their own worst critics.

Medium is a great site to put your “stuff” out there and to honor other people’s thoughts and opinions. Nothing is more frustrating for a new “public” writer, than seeing that others have perused your stories, but never left a comment, or a CLAP. I am not sure why this bothers me so much, but I feel like I am not alone.

Over the past weeks, I have taken much more time to read articles and stories that are submitted on this site, and WOW! Wow! Is all I can say. There is so much talent on here, so many well written articles and a pluthera of amazing writing tips and tricks! I am in awe of all of you.

I have also started “Following” more writers on here, as each of them have given me a reason to want MORE. Isn’t that what effective and talented writing is? Leaving the readers to want MORE. More tips and tricks, more ideas for dealing with relationship issues, more knowledge, and MORE confidence as a fellow writer!

I have also discovered that MEDIUM has branches of all topics that drill down to relatable opinions and stories. No matter what topic you may be writing about, there is always someone within the site, who can relate, or who is writing the same ideas. Its a pleasure to find like-minded creative minds, especially since writing, at times, can make you feel alone. I know that I sit and consider what to write, then spend time hammering it out, editing it again, etc, and by the time I am finished, I have spent hours alone. Just talking to a computer screen through my finger tips. And, if I am working on the novel I am writing, it takes my “alone time” to a whole other level, as I daydream about what to write, visualize, type it, edit it…… you get the idea.

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So, in a world of new and crafted writers, MEDIUM, although it can be distracting, seems too be a very open forum to “get out of your own head” and into other writer’s minds, if only for the minutes it takes to read their stories.

I read, CLAP and move on to the next …..and I hope to see more material from the writers I am following as well as writings I haven’t ventured into yet.

Happy reading and Clapping everyone!

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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