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Photo by rawpixel on UnsplashKudos to MEDIUM Writers

Kudos to MEDIUM Writers

You are ALL Amazing!

I have been in this Community for just over a year, off and on, but just recently I have begun to really see how powerful and welcoming Medium really is for Writers. It has become my new “GO TO” and it has enriched my writing beyond what I thought was possible. It has changed the way I write my daily reports for my day job, and has enhanced the way I have adapted to new styles of putting words out there. It has truly changed my view as a writer. The unplanned education that I gain from reading your work on here has been immeasurable.

To ALL of you…I give KUDOS and PROPS

You Show Up

You spend your valuable time writing and sharing here often, and you put focus, creativity and drive into your pieces. Reading your articles, poetry and fiction/non fiction is invaluable. There is no price that can be put on your time and efforts.

You Share

You are not afraid to share your successes and the methods you used to gain them. You take the time out of your busy day to day lives and offer help to everyone who needs to understand this “writing machine”. Your thoughts and practices are meaningful, and your help is beyond appreciated.

You Inspire!

If I had a nickel for every thought, process and method for changing my wording and editing, I would be a millionaire, just from reading all of your work. You make us want to write like you. You intrigue us to write more often and more meaningfully and you encourage our strengths and weakness with your words. That’s really what it all comes down to; WORDS, with a few pictures thrown in for fun. Reading everyone else’s work on here, inspires me to improve and to continue. The readings on here, collectively, make me feel like I am in the right place to learn and strive for perfection.

You Disclose

Writers spend a great deal of their time citing their own life traumas and tragedies in order to help others feel less alone. This is not something that any other Social Community seems capable of. I have read more articles, blogs and poetry on here that touched my heart deeply, and evoked emotions.

That, my fellow writers, is a BIG DEAL in this world.

I have had the pleasure of reading some pieces on Medium that are the equivalent to watching a heart beat inside someone’s chest, or in some cases, a heart break and crumble to the floor. I have also laughed out loud at some articles, and others have stuck in my brain for days while I processed the information.

You’re Vulnerable

The beauty of GOOD WRITING is getting to know how the writer feels as they share their story with the reader. I know I am a very “heart on sleeve” writer and am not afraid to share stories with all of you, even if I am not ready to share them in the “real world” yet. I love reading stories of love and life, and even death, as it helps me to see that its truly okay to be vulnerable once in awhile. Its okay to help others see your soul through the power of words.

You’re Experienced

No one seems better than anyone else when it comes to writing on Medium. We all share the passion of words and feelings, and the writers who have been doing this for a long period of time are helpful. They aren’t judgmental and they can assist you in honing your skills, as long as you are willing to allow them to. Claps and fans are the way to measure our stories’ successes, but learning how to reach out to the community to gain exposure can be gained from those with Medium experience. Help is appreciated and offered kindly in this platform.

You’re Passionate

You love this art and work hard to create. I am sure that no matter what you are doing throughout your day, new pieces are grinding away in the back of your mind, and you are anxious to write them down as soon as you have a free moment. That is passion. We all share the same hope of becoming strong, creative writers and it drives us to keep on going. We love the art and hope to have others’ love reading our work.

You’re Knowledgeable

Thank you all for your intelligence and wisdom. This community is a wealth of knowledge of writing skills, researching, life and love. I have learned so much from all of the writers I follow, and cannot seem to get enough learning from all of you. You are all mentors to me and I feel wiser just having exposure to your works of art.

You Give Back

Nothing makes me smile more than seeing responses to my writing pieces. It means that you have READ MY WRITING. It gives me hope and it makes me feel like I am actually touching someone. I am reaching someone through the process of sharing thoughts and feelings. Writing is an art that works as a cycle. You cannot be a strong writer if you don’t read, and if others don’t read your work, you don’t write. Musicians listen to music, painters study famous artists and writers read. Writers also know that feedback is KEY in order to keep you grounded and to hone your skills. Positive feedback is the best feeling in the world after you spew your guts and soul out for others to see. Negative feedback offers you the chance to make edits and focus on bettering your communication. Its a win/win.


Thank you for allowing me to share my work and myself. Thank you all for writing insanely well and showing me that its okay to express myself on here through words. And, thank you for entertaining me, engaging me and helping me, while we travel on this journey together. You are all brilliant.

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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