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Medium Writers Have Super Powers!

Maybe we can’t fly, and we aren’t as fast as speeding bullets….


But, that’s not ALL. We have this amazing ability to share, teach and reach out to others in such provocative ways, and it’s beyond amazing.

I have recently started to become more and more engaged with this platform. I follow, I read, I write, I read, I clap, I write, I read….you all know what I mean.

During the past few weeks, I sat back and really thought what this platform can do for writers. It gives us all this awesome power to share ourselves and support each other, in a way that most people wouldn’t understand.

It’s like we all speak a different language than the rest of the world. Collectively, we spend our days editing, reading, writing, reading, editing, and writing again. It is our own way of communicating.

I am a HUGE Wonder Woman fanatic. I collect memorabilia, I try and live my life in ways that only Wonder Woman would, and deep in my heart, I embrace who and what she represents.

She’s not all glamor and Amazonia. She is kind, strong, true to herself, bluntly honest, and powerful. I am not some freak show who stalks Lynda Carter or Gal Gadot, but the character that they represent, is the super human that I would choose, if given the choice.

Medium allows all of us to be THAT kind of Super Hero. We can be strong with our words, honest and true to ourselves, powerful with our intentions, and kind to others.

In the “real world”, I am typically a very quiet, somewhat shy, and can be in a room for hours, while no one even notices me there. On Medium, my mission is to be my alter ego. I want to be heard, seen, known and powerful. I want to go from Diana to Wonder Woman, with the clicking of my fingers on my keyboard, come out of my shell, and BE ME.

And remember that, in a world full of ordinary mortals, you are a Wonder Woman.” — Queen Hippolyta (“Wonder Woman”, 2009).

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Photo by Zhen Hu on Unsplash

I want to help solve problems, I want to come to the rescue when I see a fellow writer being mistreated (this happened on a Facebook page that will be left unnamed). I want to share my knowledge and my humour, and evoke emotions! I want to have the power to control who gets inside my head and who touches my heart.


If you consider the characters of The Avengers, you could look at all of us writers the same way. We are all here for the same purpose. TO WRITE.

What if we all banded together to support each other and help each other to take on the world! What if we all joined forces, and became this huge cog in the machine of authors and worked together to become invincible! We could take on the world.

The way I see it, we could all start off by reading/clapping and showing enthusiasm for minimum 10 people a day. Reading 10 different articles and showing our love is nothing! I can go through 10 articles in under an hour and show appreciation for the time, effort, and new learning that I just received. The next day, choose 10 more and read and clap for them….doing this daily until you have reached hundreds of people on here. It may seem like a tiny part of our engagement, as there are over 60 million people in the platform, but it would work. It takes the time of a cup of coffee or two, to read through a few pieces and show your appreciation.

If I am doing my math correctly, if 10 people clap for this post, and I clap for 10 other authors, and everyone who reads this post claps for at least 9 others, well that’s….that comes to….

Well, it’s a freaking lot!

It becomes an exponential love fest or support group, rather than a huge competition. Evan Williams wouldn’t know what to do if Medium exploded to that degree. Also, If you add publications to the mix, we could all fly!

So, what do you say Medium Peeps. Let’s put on our capes and grab our golden lassos and start showing each other some damn love up in here!


In the words of Mr. David Bowie ….”We could be heroes, just for one day”.

But on Medium, let’s be heroes, everyday.

Enjoy the weekend. Live, Love, Laugh and Write about it.

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Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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