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Or Just Romance

True romance is a spark, some flirting, a dance,

True love is when your heart is open to chance.

Romance is rainbows, a walk in the rain,

Love is seeing joy, while enduring some pain.

Romance is dining and wine, and flowers,

Love is spending time with him, talking for hours.

Romance is attraction, and first impression,

Love is accepting his flaws and expression

Romance is opened doors when he’s taking you out,

Love is a planned future, beyond any doubt.

Romance is a shiny box, a surprise, a gift,

Love is feeling when your heart and soul lift.

Romance is horses, princesses and kings,

Love is sharing life and values, not wanting for things.

Romance is a wink, a smile, or a smirk,

Love is the willingness to put in some time and work.

Romance is candles , hand holding and kissing,

Love is when he’s gone, what your heart and bed are missing.

Romance is fantasy, it’s not always real,

Love is the honest emotions that you feel.

When you have both, in a life that you share,

Embrace and enjoy it, stop looking elsewhere.

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Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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