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7 min readFeb 17, 2017

As I sit here, sipping my coffee, I reflect over the past couple of weeks and wonder how many couples in their late (or mid) 40’s are feeling the pressures and pains of becoming older. Over the course of this year, my partner in crime, and in life, has been nearing his 50th birthday. This has lead me to writing this article.

What exactly is a “mid life crisis” and at what point does it typically hit you, that you require something or someone to complete you, because you are getting older?

Let’s start from the beginning. My guy, who I share my life with, has over the past 4 years, decided that he wants a motorcycle. He has no experience, and has never ridden on a bike on highways, back roads, or even dirt roads. Every February he drags me out to the “Motorcycle Show” that is typically held in the dark days of winter, giving riders and potential riders opportunities to wander through large halls filled with every brand and make of motorcycles, ATV’s, and scooters known to man. As you browse through the Harleys and the BMW’s, dreams of summer freedom spark you to talk with the dealers and get the details on the promotions and the specials they hold while the motorcycle show is on. Over the past 4 years, my partner has been eyeing a Spyder. If you aren’t familiar with these particular bikes, they are the ones that have the two wheels in front, and one in the back. They are very fast, sporty and the type of motorcycle that you either love, or hate. Avid riders, with years of experience will sometimes mock the Spyder because it has training wheels in the front.

During the past 4 Motorcycle Shows that we have attended, he looks for the Can-Am sign, spots the Spyder and sits on it, posing for a photo. I have always referred to this as “petting his Spyder”. Every year, its the same thing, he brings home stacks of flyers, gets the price of the one he wants, and all of these promotion papers go into a drawer and eventually into the garbage. The craving for freedom and the noise of the bike goes away for another year, just like the flyers and business cards.

That is, until this year. This year, he turns 50. This year, he bought the…

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