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We live in this crazy “diet” world, where everyone is either trying Keto, Atkins, Beach Body, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers….and on and on…OR beating themselves up for NOT being on these diets.

The Diet and Weightloss companies of the world are RAPING our society with gimmicks and “knowledge” that anyone with common sense or GOOGLE can access on their own without opening up our pocket books and paying a steep “Monthly Fee” , in hopes to look like the people in the ads. Maybe we need help with workouts, or direction with which gym is the best fit for us, but in the end, WHY BEAT YOURSELF UP because you may have “put on a few pounds” or because you don’t feel as energetic as you did when you were 18 years old. The best thing you can do for yourself is ask knowledgable fitness professionals, especially the pros that KNOW about food, and nutrition and what it does for your body.

You look in the mirror and think, “Ugghhh I need to lose some weight”, or “tone” or fit into the jeans you wore a few years ago

I am guilty of paying for diet pills and Weight Watchers over the years, and I know the struggle of feeling “fat”. I don’t even want to admit how much money I have dumped down the drain looking for a way to shed pounds, because of a magazine ad or TV commercial. I know the feeling of being on a strict PLAN for weeks, stepping on the scale and seeing ZERO change. And, I have been down the horrific road of eating disorders in my past years.

Believe me, I GET IT!

I have visited all of these situations in my lifetime and I still try and workout as often as I can (with the help of my wonderful professional trainer). I also watch what I eat and try to incorporate the Macros and the Proteins and the daily fibre and the bla bla bla …into every day. I also drink water as much as I can, but I will also EAT A DAMN CUPCAKE once in awhile! And you know what ? I NO LONGER FEEL GUILTY FOR IT!

“I don’t believe in guilt, I believe in living on impulse as long as you never intentionally hurt another person, and don’t judge people in your life. I think you should live completely free.” ~Angelina Jolie

It has been proven time and time again, that the GUILT that you store when you indulge in “BAD FOODS” causes more harm to your body than simply eating it, passing it through your body, and moving forward. The next day, DON’T eat the cupcake, or do….I really don’t care, but DON’T FEEL BADLY about yourself because you indulged.

Life is way too short to not embrace the sweetness of a fresh bakery treat, or the saltiness of a bag of chips. Harbouring shame within yourself is the enemy. That shame, turns your body into a hot mess.

This website that I found sums it up:

Scientific proof that guilt over food is causing more harm than good

This study[1] has compared two completely different kinds of people.

The first group of people felt guilty after eating chocolate cake, and the second group felt guilt-free pleasure and enjoyment (after eating the exact same thing).

What the researches find out will probably surprise you (but you’ll also see why it makes perfect sense).

The people, who enjoyed the unhealthy stuff without guilt, were able to control themselves around food much better, than people who felt guilty about doing the same.

The people, who carelessly enjoyed the fattening stuff, were MORE SUCCESSFUL at reaching their weight loss goals than people who constantly worried about what they were eating.

Yes, this proves that guilt is actually holding you back!


My trainer and one of my good friends, (a bikini model and fitness competitor), have BOTH said the same words to me!” GUILT after eating is toxic to your body”. It sets you up for further failure and a downward spiral to self body shaming. And guess what…my friend who competes on stage and poses in fitness magazines, eats a donut 3 times a week. She has them in the morning, does her workout, and does not feel bad about it, at all. She sticks to her regime of workouts and her “somewhat” vegan eating plan, and moves forward. She has shared with me, that THIS is how she stays sane, and although she may eat nothing but beans, rice and vegetables for her “diet”, she LOVES her donuts.

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AND think about this…. Every morning, you wake up, work out, drink water, eat your kale and oatmeal and salad and proteins and MACROS, and go to work. You go home and sleep, and rinse and repeat the next day, and the day after that…and the next day. If you LOVE kale and LOVE the flavors of healthy, non sugary, non salted, fat free, dairy free, gluten free, flavor free foods, day after day, I guess that’s ok. But, what if (God forbid) something bad happens to you and this is your last day on earth….are you going to wish that you had eaten the DAMN CUPCAKE? Or the bag of chips, or the chocolate? I would definitely be bummed out, if the last food I ingested in my lifetime was something that I HAD to have and only ate to make sure that it fit my macros, and didn’t cause my body to gain a pound. At your funeral, all the people who are mourning your loss will be eating cake and sandwiches while they talk about what a “healthy” person you were. That’s quite profound and a tad ironic, no?

LIFE IS TOO SHORT to not indulge once in awhile. You need to enjoy the little things in life, whether its food, a glass of wine, or even a cigar (if you’re into that sort of thing), and NOT FEEL GUILT! We have one life to venture out and sample the wonderful fragrances, aromas, textures, flavors and feelings that cuisine and beverages can provide us. Descriptions like “delicious” “delectible” “scrumptious” and “amazingly taste-acular” are much more appealing than “healthy” “nutritious” and “heart smart”. THE KEY IS TO ONLY INDULGE ONCE IN AWHILE AND SAVOR EVERY DELICIOUS MOMENT AND APPRECIATE WHAT IS GOING INTO YOUR MOUTH AND BODY. Whether its a bowl of ice cream after a break up, or a cupcake because you are celebrating a friend’s birthday, or a glass of wine after a shitty week…..SAVOR IT! Embrace it, take accountabilty for it, and let it pass out of your body naturally and GUILT FREE. Just remember that you CAN make healthier choices the next day, or for the next week, or month. Disallowing yourself to enjoy foods, will make you CRAVE them. Feed the craving, and move onto your oatmeal, chicken breasts and kale tomorrow.

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Everything in life should be in moderation, INCLUDING moderation.

Drink in the warm sunshine, have a scotch on the rocks or martini, order a pizza once in awhile and share a plate of wings with your tribe. Enjoy a glass of Malbec or a piece of cheesecake. Have a burger or some nachos. Enjoy a plate of fresh buttery pasta once in awhile with garlic bread and ceasar salad..THEN..Go for a run, or do some yoga, swim, bike ride,or join a gym. Its YOUR life. LIVE FOR YOU!

Love your life, Love yourself, and LOVE what this world has to offer.

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Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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