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Just 5 more minutes is what I ask you for.

You have to leave now,

And you walk out the door


Just 5 more minutes is all that I want.

Yet, you leave me alone,

While your memories haunt.


Just 5 more minutes of your time, if you dare.

I won’t keep you longer,

On this, I will swear.


But 5 more minutes can mean so much

A lasting hug, a deep kiss,

Or a lingering touch.


Just 5 more minutes will make me want more.

But I won’t keep you longer.

I won’t be a chore.


5 Minutes longer, is all I will ask

Before another priority

Or a tedious task.


5 minutes of your time means the world to me.

I cherish every second

Of our love’s eternity.


That 5 minute moment, I am blessed to have shared.

For tomorrow is not promised,

And I’ll remember you cared.


Thank you for sharing 5 minutes of bliss.

I’ll savor every second,

Of our passionate kiss.


When I asked for 5 minutes, you’d have given me 10.

For this reason, I love you, ❤

My sweet man, among men.


5 minutes with you. I will take what I can.

To feel your love embrace me

‘Til we are together again.

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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