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Is Medium an Avenue Leading to the Road of Success, Or is it a Road Block?

I write and write, it seems, and it is beginning to feel like Medium has become my own personal hamster wheel. I run and run and go and go, yet, I never leave my spot.

I used to think that this platform was the best choice for me to display my work online and get noticed. Lately I am not so sure. Lately I am feeling skeptical, rather than my usual optimistic self.

It feels as though there is some new gap on here between the writing and the reading, and because I am unsure of how Medium works behind the scenes, I don’t know if it is my lack of interesting reads or if it is a site-wide trend. Some days I post a poem or blog, and I feel like I am publishing it into a black abyss, never to be seen again. Is it just me?

So many articles, about becoming a success on Medium, outline one main theme. ALWAYS WRITE. And I try and publish at least one submission a day. Some days I am surprised to see that more than 10 readers have read it, and other days I am disappointed to see that only 2 have “viewed” my work. It is becoming disheartening.

I also try to engage with other writers as often as I can, I follow various publications and over 1000 writers. BUT, it feels as though I am not doing enough, or not doing something right.

I wrote an article entitled “Am I Medium-ing Wrong?

I was surprised to read that writers track things like algorithms on the site, to see why the interactions have slowed down. I was equally surprised to learn that I am not the only one having issues with the site, and finding readers. I honestly hope this is not the direction that this site is headed. I have become slightly attached to being a member here.

Since publications now have the ability to post pay-walled members, I have noticed a serious decrease in traffic. Summer time may play a role, however, the web site has a different “feel” now. It doesn’t seem nearly as active, and feels like it is becoming more and more stagnant as time passes.

It’s quite sad, and as a new writer, it takes away my hope that Medium will help me launch myself into any form of success. A few months ago I was paid just over $40.00 and I saw my future self working harder and being more prominent as a regular writer on here. It gave me the ambition and desire to be more creative, more in tune with other writers, and further reason to hone my craft.

Unfortunately, now, I am spending the majority of my writing time searching for other websites with similar services for members. It’s as though my current mate has given up on me, so I have no choice but to find someone more fitted to my needs.

I am still not ready to break up with you, Medium, but I may search elsewhere for an equivalent, if things don’t start to look up in the fall.

Really, it’s not me…it’s you.

Perhaps a future Medium site will be more member friendly, with algorithms that help to support us. I feel that right now, the same writers get support all the time. I am unsure, at this point, how to become one the “cool kids” and get my pieces posted more prominently, and I am willing to try and find out.

In the meantime, I will keep writing and sharing. I will persevere and ride whatever this is, out for as long as I can. I feel at home and feel that people who follow me can offer support and I honestly try to support and reach out to whoever wants to connect.

If we all, as writers, can offer support to each other by reading and clapping and responding, we can beat this lull! We can stand together and route for each other….and make Medium the website that it has potential to be.

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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