In my views , there are so many levels and too many layers of anxiety to count . Some may accomplish more by disappearing and finding their own ways to deal with the crippling effects of such a deep mental illness.

If I don’t push myself , I don’t succeed . If I disappear , I know I won’t find my way back . My successes come from talking myself into just doing it , and breathing when I need to .

If I am falling off of a rooftop , part of me tries to grasp hold of anything to stop me from falling to the ground , even if it just slows me down . The anxious side of me would let go and let my body float to a crash , in hopes of not suffering.

We all have our methods and our will inside us, and present in different ways.

If my words can help one single person with their struggle, that’s a win for me and for them.

I wish you nothing but success and healing 😊

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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