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If I Was a Radio Station, This Would Be My Top 40

It’s funny how some topics and ideas come full circle on Medium.

Iva Ursano wrote a wonderful article the other day about 40 things she loves. In the article, she said that “I” was the inspiration for the new trend in our Medium community. She read this article of mine, and felt inspired:

You can read Iva’s here:

Since then, I have been tagged by a few people to write my favorite 40 things in life.

Only 40?? This could be a challenge. I love so many more than 40 things, but I will try and narrow down to my absolute favourites:

  1. My daughter. She is my life source and my pride and joy.
  2. My Dave- He is my pain in the ass I could never imagine living without
  4. Red Wine
  5. Wonder Woman
  6. The beautiful voice of Sarah Machlachlan. (Check her out-you’ll fall in love)
  7. Hot days outdoors. I honestly don’t understand why I live in COLD ALBERTA
  8. Fuzzy Blankets (see above)
  9. Tea- All kinds of tea (again, see above)
  10. Kisses and hugs from people I love
  11. PUPPIES (I have no pets)
  12. The ocean -even though I’m terrified of jellyfish, sharks, and other things that bite or touch me under water. It’s pretty to look at and cool off in quickly.
  13. Aquariums- I like fish where I can see them.
  14. Having friends over for snacks and wine-just don’t stay past my bedtime
  15. Bubble baths
  16. Workouts. I love lifting weights.
  17. Fresh smelling laundry
  18. Smiles from strangers
  19. Helping anyone who I can help-with anything I can help with
  20. Laughing until I cry (and snort)
  21. Curling up and watching a movie under blankets
  22. My job- I love having my career
  23. People watching
  24. The smell of greenhouses
  25. Lotions and potions that make my skin feel nice
  26. Reading
  27. Waking up in the morning and starting a fresh day
  28. Racing to bed and going to sleep right away.
  29. Warm fuzzy pajamas with feet built in- they make me feel like a kid
  30. Waiting for a BIG EVENT to come. The feeling of anticipation of something wonderful is amazing
  31. Being surprised with any little thing that makes me KNOW someone thought of me, even for a short moment.
  32. Watching snow fall while I am inside and don’t need to go anywhere.
  33. Fireplaces
  34. Dozing off with the warmth of Dave’s chest under my cheek
  35. Naps
  36. My car- I bought it all by myself and picked it out all by myself.
  37. Turkey dinner leftovers ( I enjoy the leftovers more than the meal)
  38. Hearing children play outside
  39. The wonderful Medium community I have become a part of. I love responses and feedback on my work. It gives me drive to keep going.
  40. Reading/clapping and immersing myself in stories on Medium

That was the fastest article I have written to date, and I could probably keep going with 40 more.

Overall, I am just beyond happy to be happy and alive, and everything around me gets love and appreciation from me.

I won’t tag a bunch of people, but instead, I encourage you all to find your 40.

It’s fun, light, and easy to do.

Thank you Iva.

Thank you all for reading. ❤

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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