If At First They Don’t Read Your Work…Write, Write, Again

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Is it just me, or does Medium seem like a tough crowd these days?

I don’t know how many times I have written a blog or story and it just seems like a waste of time and internet space. It’s becoming slightly disconcerting. I read other’s work, and look at it comparatively as I digest the writer’s creativity and message. I feel like my writing skills are pretty comparable to others.

So, what gives?

When I first joined Medium, I was so excited to become a paying member of a platform that I am passionate about-I thought it had a supportive “family” feel to it, but as of late, things have seemed to shift somehow. It seems, for lack of another word, colder.


I am not sure if that question is the correct description, but I have been reading various posts and articles that describe how some writers are making thousands of dollars, behind the Paywall, while others, like me, are happy to earn $40.00 a month.

Is it Content? Or Talent?

What separates the well-earning writers from the ones who struggle? Is it because they expose their writing more through Social Media or Email? I don’t understand how that makes a difference, unless the people who are being reached in cyber land are paying members on Medium. It’s a conundrum.

Maybe it’s popularity and followers?

If that’s the case, I have gained numerous followers over the past 4 months, yet, somehow, it doesn’t appear as if they read my pieces, based on stats. In fact, I am not sure if the people who follow me, even see that I have written something new? I have almost 300 followers, which seems like a minute amount compared to many of you, but only 3 reads on some stories? Those are not good stats.

Everything I have read regarding success on medium, points to the same objectives. Write often. Write decent content. Share your work. Tag applicable categories. Be an active member and read other writer’s work. Engage with people. I do all of these and as much as I enjoy it, my stats don’t seem to change.

Maybe it IS just me.

But, then I start to attempt to decipher the “algorithms” that well versed Medium members talk about, and other than being confusing, it just seems random.


Don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining. I enjoy the entity that Medium is/was becoming, and I thoroughly enjoy having a place to write, to gain some exposure and lock arms with fellow writers. This blog is simply my own musing, if you will, of the hows and the whys of the direction Medium has seemingly taken. I am not ready to jump ship….yet, but I am looking around for a supplementary site to add to my writing addiction. Also, I am NOT strictly here to earn money on my pieces, although it is a nice little way to make pocket change.

Medium seems to fall under the , it is what it is, category lately, in my experience, and that’s okay with me. I just wish there was some kind of magic PDF or Directive page that would explain how everything works and give the struggling writers something to strive for.

Like FaceBook is to Mark Zuckerburg, Medium is to Evan Williams. I am sure that the format and the platform that Mr. Williams has created has grown ten fold in popularity and engagement. It seems to be a stunningly successful website which has been rated as one of the top most successful writing sites, and has only been available for 6 years. He has over 60,000,000 monthly readers! That is quite the success story. And it’s all for people like us-writers who wish to be read. Perhaps we all just need for him to catch up to his own successes.

In the meantime, I will just write, write and write some more….and be thankful that we have sites such as this one to express our words, feelings, thoughts, and art.

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Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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