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“I Thought You Were Writing?”

We all have a Process

“I thought you were writing”, he says to me sarcastically, as I sit on the deck in the sunshine. I’m staring into space on a cozy chair, sipping a cup of coffee. The warmth of the sun and the cushion of my seat, is such a pleasant way to wake up, and think. It appears as though I am being “lazy”.

Perhaps I am, but I am still being productive.

What he doesn’t understand is that I AM writing. I am gathering thoughts. I am allowing the world around me to inspire me. I am shutting off my phone and my other gadgets to allow myself the freedom to think without distraction. I am listening to sounds, breathing aromas and watching life unfold in front of me.

It is a PROCESS.

Writing is not always a VISUAL ART. Much of it is twirling around inside your brain at 1000 miles an hour, searching for words and meaningful banter to connect into a masterpiece. Most writing is contained inside my brain, like some sort of vessel, that will erupt into words when I am ready to sit down and type. People who DON’T write, just don’t get it.

Painters and musicians are probably the same. I am sure they sit and think, before an idea pops into their creative souls. Then they get up and put brush to canvas or music to their guitar. It doesn’t “just” happen without thought.

As I sat this morning in the sunshine, I was watching some ducks and geese on the pond in our back yard. I was just thinking of how they set up a tiny nest, make their precious eggs and wait. They float around and chase each other for a few weeks until their tiny ducklings or goslings are seen learning to swim in the water. Their moms show them how to survive by catching small minnows under the water, and showing them how to paddle home, with their tiny webbed feet. Before too long, they grow enough to fly away, and the next spring cycle begins. Maybe the offspring come back to nest where they grew up, or the parents return and start over. Either way, it too, is a process.

Writing is similar to to the life of these amazing creatures. We take the time to sit and find the perfect spot to “think”, building a nest of thoughts and ideas. Words are added to our mental images, creating the eggs that will flourish from the nest. Once the words are hatched, we get them out in the open, working with them to make sense, and to help them survive out in the world of readers and writers. Once the words are out there, its just a matter of practice and patience, before the words fly free. As the parents of the eggs, or ideas, we are proud of our accomplishments. The cycle continues, and we nest our thoughts and ideas again, just to watch them grow and make their way through the world. Sometimes they may fail, but we know we have made a solid effort to make them successful.

We have made the effort.

With that said, sometimes I sit in a quiet space with the sun shining down on me. Sometimes I get ideas while I am running, or showering. Often times I will be distracted by a nagging thought throughout a busy day, and I will allow time to sit and nest on the idea as it turns into eggs. Every now and then, I am awoken in the middle of the night with an egg of thought. Sometimes beautiful thoughts come out, but once in a while an ugly duckling emerges. Other days, my thoughts are not clear and become scrambled. Either way, it’s what we all do, as writers.

SO…In answer to your disruptive comment, my dear, YES I am writing. Just because you cannot physically SEE me doing it, I am “nesting” on something.


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Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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