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I Never Realized Other Races were Racist!

Kristina H
7 min readSep 3, 2018


When I look at our big beautiful planet, I don’t see colour, race, sexual preference or age. I don’t see how other humans are shunned because of incapabilities or physical limitations.

I am not saying this to boast. It is merely how I choose to live.

The other day, I was speaking with a co-worker, in our large, multi cultural office, just chatting about life and general topics. For some reason, we started a short conversation about the various nationalities we share our work with. (We are Provincial Government employees). I love the multi cultural environment I share my pod with.

My co-worker made a comment that absolutely blew my mind:

“Did you know that East Indians and African people can be racist against each other? I see it happening in our office all the time”.


I despise racism. It makes my blood boil when someone blames a crime on a person’s color or culture. For example. Just last month, a 16 year indiginous boy was arrested and charged for attempted murder, and the murmurs from some of my “peers” were, “Well what did they expect? The vicitims were on reserve land. Of course it was a native kid who shot at them”.

This type of talk makes me so angry, and it makes me feel sad that I am a part of the same “race” of people who make comments such as these.

My argument, looking back in history, is that MANY white (Caucasian people) were responsible for mass shootings, serial killings, and other disgusting crimes:

> Charles Manson

> Jeffrey Dahmer

> Mark David Chapman

> David Koresh

> Stephen Paddock

> Eric Harris and Dylan Kiebold

> John Wayne Gacey

>Ted Bundy

And so many more “white” people have made themselves infamous by taking other’s lives. If there are school shootings in the United States, I have learned to always assume that it is an angry white student who has been bullied and went off the deep end. Why? Because of history and the direction our society is headed.



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