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I Never Realized Other Races were Racist!

When I look at our big beautiful planet, I don’t see colour, race, sexual preference or age. I don’t see how other humans are shunned because of incapabilities or physical limitations.

I am not saying this to boast. It is merely how I choose to live.

The other day, I was speaking with a co-worker, in our large, multi cultural office, just chatting about life and general topics. For some reason, we started a short conversation about the various nationalities we share our work with. (We are Provincial Government employees). I love the multi cultural environment I share my pod with.

My co-worker made a comment that absolutely blew my mind:

“Did you know that East Indians and African people can be racist against each other? I see it happening in our office all the time”.


I despise racism. It makes my blood boil when someone blames a crime on a person’s color or culture. For example. Just last month, a 16 year indiginous boy was arrested and charged for attempted murder, and the murmurs from some of my “peers” were, “Well what did they expect? The vicitims were on reserve land. Of course it was a native kid who shot at them”.

This type of talk makes me so angry, and it makes me feel sad that I am a part of the same “race” of people who make comments such as these.

My argument, looking back in history, is that MANY white (Caucasian people) were responsible for mass shootings, serial killings, and other disgusting crimes:

> Charles Manson

> Jeffrey Dahmer

> Mark David Chapman

> David Koresh

> Stephen Paddock

> Eric Harris and Dylan Kiebold

> John Wayne Gacey

>Ted Bundy

And so many more “white” people have made themselves infamous by taking other’s lives. If there are school shootings in the United States, I have learned to always assume that it is an angry white student who has been bullied and went off the deep end. Why? Because of history and the direction our society is headed.

So, when I hear that other races are racist against each other, it makes my heart sad and concerned for humanity. For whatever reason, my oblivion made me believe that it was only white people who had issues with other cultures, religions and color of skin.

In an article I read recently, I was even more shocked to see that people of the African American communities even have racist views between each other, based on the “darkness of their skin pigment”.

I don’t know why, at the age of 49 years old, I have never given these issues a thought before.

It makes me wonder why we, as humans, are the only living beings on this earth that show prejudice against each other.

Think about it, we put a hundred or more penguins in the zoo in a human designed “habitat”. Do they appear to shun specific penguins from their tribe? No. They mix and mingle and watch out for each other. (I spend a lot of time at our zoo). They bring each other treasures of a single rock, and the rock binds them for life. They don’t kill or harm other penguins for having less black, or more white on their bodies. They co-exist.

When we watch National Geographic, or observe animals in the wild, we never see the one deer with two extra white spots get shoved aside and pointed at, or left to fend for themselves alone because they are “different”. They aren’t ridiculed or bullied because of their extra “spot”. They co-exist.

Over the years, I have had many dogs and cats living in my home, and they just learned to accept each other, regardless of color, breed or even type of animal they were. They just accepted each other, even with minor arguments over the last crumb of food. They barked or hissed at each other for a moment, then cuddled together in a shared bed afterward.

So, why are we racist? Why do we have divisions because of the faiths we believe in or the color of our skin? Why do we, as human beings assume it’s okay to make fun of someone or blame them for criminal activity, because of the gender of human being they sleep with or because of their race? Why do we have cruel terminology for people who are different than us? Why have we invented terms like fag, nigger, or rag-head? It is so unfair to our fellow human beings and to the future of our planet. It gives the next generations no hope. Even if they are raised to become more “sensitive”, our politicians set a whole new, low standard that is despicable!

Listening to Donald Trump makes every hair on the back of my neck stand up. Wanting to “build a wall” to keep Mexicans out, is adding to one of the most prominent problems that the human race faces. Does he think that people from Mexico are like rats, or other vermin that will invade “his” country? What gives him that right? What gives us that right?

Alternatively, our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau treats all of the humans from other countries better than he treats Canadians who are born and raised here. In turn, this creates racist hatred and bitterness between the people who are trying to make lives in this country. It creates war over space and equality. He invites in thousands of refugees, to help them set up their lives for the better. I give him kudos for that. However, he then makes us pawns in his twisted political game and gives his refugee alliance all of our high tax payments and a free education. How will this NOT cause animosity among the races of people in our country ? He is the fuel to feed the fire of racist hatred.

Racism Breeds Racism

When I was a young child, it was common to use racist slurs and pick on others because of skin color, faith or cultural practice. I used to listen to my parents talk about the “black community” and honestly, growing up in a small town of predominantly white people, I didn’t even know what they were talking about. Until we had a tall, beautiful, dark skinned girl start school in my class, as the “new kid”. Her name was Liza and she was amazing at basketball, volleyball, and every other sport. She was brilliant scholastically and I envied her. I made friends with her and took her home to meet my family. My family never mentioned, to my face, that I shouldn’t play with her, because of her skin color. I could, however, see the look of distaste in my father’s eyes.

Liza’s parents, on the other hand, disliked her playing with ME! Because I was a poor, white kid from the wrong side of the tracks. It sucked. I wanted to go swimming with her in the summer, and play baseball on her team. I wanted to go to the library with her, but this permanent wedge between us never allowed us to. So, instead, we joked around in class, invisible from the disapproving glares of our parents, and our grades and school marks declined. Our teachers inevitably sent notes home to our parents, letting them know that we were in trouble during class. Our desks were separated and teachers watched us at recess to ensure we weren’t getting into mischief.

Within a year of Liza’s family moving in to our tiny white town, her parents relocated. They blamed the town and the school for her grades dropping from A+ to B minus, and they blamed me. She and I met in private, in the park between our homes and the railroad tracks, and she told me her father was making them move because she was suffering in her school surrounded by white, poor kids. It still breaks my heart to remember it, and I often wonder when she will become our Prime Minister.

I honestly wish that humans were more like the penguins in the zoos, or in the cold Arctic islands and oceans where they live. I wish we were more like cats and dogs and could move past our petty squabbles and surrender to the comforts of each other at the end of the day. I wish that human beings all had the same skin tones, cultures and ideals, so we had nothing to fight over. I wish that we as human beings wouldn’t make punitive remarks toward each other, based on our genders.

I wish we were all animals, and that we could learn life skills and lessons by watching other superior beings on our planet.

Humans will be the demise of our planet. Not because we have so many differences among us, but because in the end, we are all too much the same. Racist humans choose to turn the “differences” into an epidemic of arguments, pain, and chaos. It is madness.

Female, male, black, white, yellow, gay, lesbian, queer, transgender, or other, we are all human beings who were born on this planet for a reason. It’s a huge world we share. Our job is to make it a better place for the future, regardless of where we came from or who gave us life.

We need to learn to co-exist.

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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