I left one of these monsters a year and 4 months ago . During this pandemic I have cringed so many times thinking about how awful my life could be right now if I didn’t leave when I did . Lots of valuable points here and so important for anyone in an abusive relationship. One thing I would add is to connect with ONE person outside who is safe and has a place to go that is unknown to the abuser. A friend or family member the abuser doesn’t know well or lives in a place that can’t be found. Also check your phone to make sure that your location isn’t shared. My ex set my phone up to share my location without my knowing and was tracking me-before I got wise to it . But keeping in touch with one safety person you can stay with or go to is so important. Keep texts and conversations with that person short or in coded languages. When you can get out , meet your person and let them help you . When you escape, it can be overwhelming , scary and confusing. The other alternative is to secretly book a hotel room in a place you can’t be found . Perhaps in the next small town or city from where you live

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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