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Sorrow and sirens rang through the air,

On that fateful night.

Some parents lost their beloved boys,

While others screamed in fright.

The sport that makes our country shine

That makes Canada so proud,

We grieve in every Province now,

Saying mournful prayers out loud.

Phone calls no parent should ever hear,

The bus so close to home.

So many of their babies gone,

And other’s futures, now, unknown

We stand together and support them now

While they endure their pain,

We try and help to heal their lives,

Although its all in vain.

Sleep well young men, rest easy now,

Although you’ve been taken young

Your lives will live forever in us,

Your anthems will be sung.

To all the parents of these sons,

Your grief is felt world wide.

Just know that you are not alone,

The nation is at your side.

These men will be forever mourned,

Our strong country made a vow.

That this great loss has touched us all.

We are ALL Broncos now.

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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