How Politicians Become Politically Incorrect

Kristina H
5 min readSep 6, 2018
The Toronto Star

Politicians… Leaders among us. The men and woman who have input and opinions and power in our Countries.

We love to hate them/ We hate to love them. Mostly we become enraged by them or we sit and nod quietly to ourselves as we watch endless press conferences and news pieces on them.

We judge them and we have high expectations from them. They disappoint us and they give us hope-sometimes all within one 5 minute dialogue on the TV screen.

But, WHY do they always make us question them? Why are we so affected by everything that they say, whether it’s truth or lies? How do they manage to drive us all to the point of insanity?

Because of our world of Social Media.

Human beings have these new ways of creating chaos among each other. We have a new way of judging and pointing fingers at one another, and a new way to make lies become truths and truths become lies.

I am not saying that Social Media is “NEW”. But, if you think about the passed Presidents and Prime Ministers of the world, they were not as driven by the Memes and the Fake News, the Facebook rants and raves, the Twitter posts or even by the bullshit press that spreads like wildfire among web pages.

Yes, Obama was in the midst of many irate posts and rants, Twitter posts, and fake news, but I feel like he made his escape before the three ring circus of the Trump administration really got rolling. In Canada, our Prime Minister is constantly posting selfies with his voters, trying to fit in with his biggest fan base. It is observed as looking unprofessional and desperate. He wants to be current and look like he is “hip”. How about just running our country and making the right decisions for our future, Justin?

Politicians are no longer looked upon as world leaders. They are now judged as Celebrities who believe they are more welcomed on the red carpet, than they are fighting for the freedom and rights of their respective countries. Newscasters hone in on the designers of the wives and the faces of their children. We know more about what Trump did on his days off than we do about what he is doing for America. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is continually getting blow back and ridicule for the way he spends his free time and…



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