Ha! I went the opposite route and thought I would be THE COOLEST MOM…like Ever…

I allowed my daughter to have her boyfriend not only spend the night but move in with her and I !

Ummm worst choice ….like ever

I let the little shit move in cause he was a teenage “orphan” and I felt bad for him. He was like a stray dog with no fur-ever home

Long story short – it ended with him putting a huge hole in my bedroom wall and a bigger one in her heart and her psyche.

Total little jerk and we both fell for his sadness and sweetness . He was a horrific lad and a huge lesson

I only had one child so “no practice runs “

You made the best choice and one day your son will thank you for being a “bad mom”

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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