Photo by Velizar Ivanov on Unsplash

Fake news, Fake hair, Fake Eyes, Fake lashes

Fake teeth, Fake boobs, Fake nose, Fake asses.

Our world is manufactured now.

People are not real.

Fake smiles, Fake friends, Fake love, Fake deals

Fake money, Fake happiness, Fake leaders, Fake meals

Our culture has become a lie

Does anyone truly feel?

Fake relationships, Fake sex, Fake marriage, Fake drugs

Fake faces, Fake bodies, Fake water, Fake bugs

They pressure you to fix yourself

Because to them you’re not ideal.

Real love, Real hope, Real joy, Real age

Real wrinkles, Real grays, Real looks, Real sag.

Makes you wonder what our children see

In a world that’s so surreal

Real pain, Real sadness, Real feelings, Real anger

Real skin, Real fear, Real life, Real danger

This is what our world’s about

And, the ability to heal.

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