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Does MEDIUM Limit Our Reading Audience?

Days come and go. Most days I cannot wait to sit and write, and get a story out, or blog.

But, is MEDIUM the right platform with the best momentum for struggling writers?

I found Medium on Google one afternoon when I was looking for ways to write for a public audience. I tried it out as an unpaying member for a few months, then decided to test it out to see if I could gain some followers and make some pocket change for my work. It has become surprisingly addictive.

Somehow over the past months, I have managed to publish 113 pieces, not including this one. Am I thrilled with the results? I am not sure. I am still testing the waters as a writer, and this seems to be a user friendly, busy and interesting platform to share work on. There seems to be many like-minded writers on here with amazing talents. I have learned so much as a writer, from all of you.

Medium fills a void.

It helps writers to share stories, key in points of interest and to gain access to a pluthera of topics, opinions, and themes. It’s easy to add images and links, and works well no matter what type of computer system you have. (I have all Apple products and Medium is very compatible)

But it goes back to the original question: Is THIS the right way to gain an unlimited audience? Is this a platform that you can share easily as part of your portfolio? And if you publish on here, will it limit other opportunities for you to publish your work.

Up until today, I was “slightly” disappointed in the guidelines that Medium had set out. I had a few pieces that I was proud to post within publications, but it meant that you could not receive Paywall funds for it. It was a choice of having more readers, or being paid a minimal amount of money for your work. I was very pleased to receive the email that this is no longer an issue and I give MEDIUM Kudos for that. I feel like my stories on Publications reached a much wider audience than my standard “Members Only” work.

The second issue I had, was the difficulty in being able to share articles on Social Media. It was encouraging to see that Medium has addressed this as well, making it much easier for us to share, if we so choose. I am not one to share too many of my heartfelt, raw pieces but when I do, it’s nice to know that this has been remedied and that MEDIUM hosts are actually listening to us, as writers.

Over the course of the past few “trial months” that I have spent writing on this site, I have discovered that MEDIUM is just like all of us. It is a platform that started out quiet and small, testing the waters and waiting for the echo of voices. Our voices told them we are all here. We are here and we are enjoying writing for the site. Medium has changed and evolved with us, as a growing writers, and for that I am grateful.

We MAY not reach as many people as we hope to on here, but it seems that the rate of evolution of this forum is rapid. Writing on here have been a blessing for me, as it gives me an opportunity to hone my skills, read other artist’s amazing work, and to share.

Since I have been a part of this ever changing site, I have found more of myself, learned so much about others and have enjoyed sharing with everyone. It can be as public or private as you want it to be, and is an effective tool to encourage a growing “follower” base. Just like everything else, it takes time, patience and endurance. It is definitely a marathon, and not a race.

This may NOT be the wide spread, “Look at me I’m a writer”, forum for everyone. I am sure there are other competing websites out there. But, just like any story line, I am anxious to see where this site goes, and what kind of incredible engine it will be to help us drive ourselves to a larger audience. I have a feeling that this site will flourish, and in turn, so will we.

I can see that the good people of MEDIUM are trying. They are making a solid effort for all of us and encourage us to grow. This is so important to me, as I am a firm believer in Stakeholder confidence. The effort and acknowledgement that Medium strives for, to make their site better for us, is worth more than pimping out articles all over the web, in HOPES of finding readers. On here, we are ALL readers and writers.

For now, I am not going anywhere. I will be sticking around and enjoying MEDIUM for what it is, it’s potential and its capabilities. As MEDIUM grows, I will grow. As MEDIUM evolves, I will as well. I am happy with what my $5.00 a month does for me and thrilled to be a part of this community.


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