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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

One sees a rare gem, one sees a rock

One is a listener, the other needs to talk.

One pulls a weed and the other sees a flower,

One sees your weakness; the other feels your power

Yes, they are different, they have their own mind,

One is more strict, the other, more kind,

They come from your flesh, your blood in their veins,

The same DNA, but with opposite brains.

One sees a child, the other a pest,

One likes to run, the other likes to rest.

One is a challenge, the other a breeze

One likes the beach, the other climbs trees.

You can’t pick your daughters; you accept who they are,

They are as precious and unique as a rare falling star,

You guide them and love them, they flourish and grow,

But how they will blossom, a mom doesn’t know.

Be proud of your children, the humans you’ve made,

As you age, you will need them, as your memories fade.

The difference between them, the love that they share,

Is dependent on you, and how much you’re there.

One sees a mother, one sees a friend,

Either way, to you, both daughters transcend.

As twins they were born, sharing your womb

One married a wife, the other, a groom.

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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