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The Freedom of Not Fighting

“You need to argue with your spouse, or you are not being your authentic self”

This is a quote from a close friend of mine, who shall remain anonymous.

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And Made Me Feel Stupid

At the risk of writing, yet another, article about narcissism, I feel the need to share a few lies I have been told over the years, that can mess a person up.

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It’s Not What You Think

Have you been surrounded by negativity from others, during these strange times? I understand that it has been beyond difficult to cope, after our world was hit by such a shit storm with the pandemic, as well as the economical fallout, the losses, and the fear of becoming sick.

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Side Effects of This Vaccine are Real

Disclaimer; I am not, nor would I, advise to NOT get a vaccine against COVID. I am simply sharing my experiences with all of you. I got my vaccine so I can work in my field, and feel secure that I am not a spreader of the sickness, and to protect myself. Your decision about vaccines are strictly up to you.

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All Abuse is Complicated, But Emotional Abuse is a B*tch.

I have no idea what brought this to the forefront of my thoughts, but today, I feel unhealed from past events.

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We are Warriors of a Different Species

“Why do you still have a relationship with that monster? He abused you!”

If I had a dime for every time I have been asked that question, I would be on a beach, living the dream as a retired writer.

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The Warning Signs of a Narcissist-How to Tell if Kindness is Genuine

If someone would have told me, years ago, that I was with a member of the narcissist club, I would have thought they were crazy.

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Looking at Healthy Qualities of a Solid Relationship

You awake in the morning and smile at your partner, before offering him or her a cup of fresh coffee. You say, “Good morning, how did you sleep?” before you give each other a hug and kiss. You can’t help but smile.

  1. You wake up happy to see one another
  2. You speak kindly and do kind things for one another.
  3. You show genuine concern and affection for each other.

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What I Have Learned from Healing From Abuse

This past year has been full of reminders and painful memories of what I have overcome after years of abuse. I cannot explain this to you if you have never been emotionally, physically, sexually or physically abused, but I will try to help you comprehend what happens when you begin to heal.

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Misery Truly Loves Company

Have you ever noticed that when you are having a shit day, others take time to listen?

Kristina H

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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